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FAQ FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for a four-hour sail?

Captain Sir! is very casual and most guests step aboard in shorts and soft-soled shoes. Going barefoot is encouraged. Bring your bathing suit and clothing that will provide ample sun protection. In “winter” (November-March) a light jacket or sweater is recommended. Overall, the weather is the best indicator for what to wear – most importantly – dress comfortably!

What should I wear/pack for an extended trip?

The key is not to over pack. All your linens and towels are provided. If planning for the Bahamas, bring a pair of shoes for beach walking, like Tevas – parts of the Bahamas have rocky shorelines. Nothing in the Bahamas or The Florida Keys requires jackets, ties, formal wear or heels. Going ashore is a casual, easy, enjoyable experience everywhere!

Aboard Captain Sir! there is no captain’s night where dress up is required. Whatever you feel comfortable in, that’s proper attire!

Entertainment: While Captain Sir! does not promise napkin folding or table tennis on deck, make sure you ask the captain to entertain you with his exceptional magic and card tricks. He is also a first-class sailing instructor with a lot of patience with adults as well as children.

Books and magazines are aboard, however, if you are a reader, bring something that you have been wanting to read – it’s a great opportunity to kick back, listen to the lapping of the waves and get lost in a good book.

If you have a favorite CD, DVDs or an iPod bring it along. Or, connect to your music using our Bluetooth. Captain Sir! also has an extensive collection of everything from Jimmy Buffet to SOCA to classical to popular to jazz to easy listening, as well as Sirius XM Satellite radio with nearly 200 stations including news, sports and talk.

Also feel free to bring your snorkel gear, fishing pole (a fishing license is required) or ask about other items if you are unsure about bringing them.

What about the sun and sunscreen?

The sun in the tropics is certainly stronger than most other places in the United States. Be cautious with the sun and bring sunscreen lotion, NOT OIL! Oil is difficult to remove from the decks and cushions and creates a slippery surface. Highly recommended is a long sleeve shirt to snorkel in to protect your back and arms. Better yet, is a nylon dive shirt. These not only keep you warm if the water is cool, but also provide great sun protection. Dive shops sell them to be worn under a wet suit for rash protection. Also, highly recommended is a hat to provide facial shade – a visor works pretty well. Just make sure if you bring a hat it’s not one with a wide brim that will blow off easily in windy conditions – one with a chin strap is ideal.

What should I leave home?

Leave expensive jewelry at home. Firearms and illegal drugs are prohibited. All craft are subject to search by the U.S. Coast Guard and U. S. Customs.

Please also leave hard-sided luggage at home. Instead, pack with duffle bags or soft sided luggage that can easily be stowed after unpacking onboard.

What deposit is required for a reservation?

A 50% deposit is required when making your reservation. The balance is due 4 weeks prior to your departure date for extended trips. The balance is due upon boarding for day trips.

What’s the weather like in Miami?

We have some of the best weather in the country. Check out the historical weather data (temperature and rainfall) for planning your trip. Temperatures listed in Fahrenheit.

Month Low High Rain (inches)
January 59 75 2.08
February 59 77 2.05
March 66 80 1.89
April 66 84 3.07
May 70 86 6.53
June 74 88 9.15
July 76 89 5.98
August 76 89 7.02
September 74 89 8.07
October 69 86 7.14
November 64 78 2.71
December 61 78 1.86

What’s the wind and weather like in Miami RIGHT NOW?

Click on this link to see what’s happening right now..


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